Shrinking Pores Clearing And Hydrating Skin Care Products Set

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Product information :
Cosmetics: Moisturize and replenish water.
Net content: 100g+120ml+6mlᅲ8 bottles +80ml+50g+20g(g/ml)
Efficacy of product:
It contains ingredients such as camel milk and hyaluronic acid, and its texture is Shui Yang, refreshing and not sticky. A touch of water can moisturize the skin, help regulate the phenomenon of dryness and water shortage, moisturize and care for the skin, and make the skin appear moist and smooth.

Packing list:
Camel milk jingtoufu moisturizing cleansing cream 100g*1
Camel milk Qin Rou Fu Run Essence Milk 80ml*1
Camel milk Yingnen Moisturizing Eye Cream 20g*1
Camel milk nourishing essence 120ml*1
Camel milk tender moisturizing cream 50g*1
Camel milk Yingyang Moisturizing Essence 6ml*8

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